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Greg Steube is running unopposed in the Primary - He is absolutely a constitutional conservative candidate.

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Great job on SJC listing of Patriot candidates. God bless em! β€πŸ€πŸ’™ We need all RINOS out of our local government rn! Sharing. Thank you

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Aug 6, 2022Liked by Florida News Report

Actually your election days can include almost weeks before the August 23rd date. In Charlotte County you can vote from August 8th, this Monday thru August 21 all day long. You can vote at the Mid County library in Port Charlotte, the Supervisor of elections in Punta Gorda, and on San Casa in Englewood for early voting. You go to your assigned precinct location on the 23rd. Thanks to a courageous young person who got in touch with Epoch Times, you don't have to wear a mask, get a vaccine, have your temperature taken or give your ballot to someone outside that promises to take it inside and cast the vote.

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Aug 19, 2022Liked by Florida News Report

Your picks for Lee County (Ford O'Connell, Liza King, Denise Nystrom, and Christy DeVigili) are spot on! They are strong constitutional conservatives.

We really have a problem in this county because we actually have one main "candidate" who calls himself a campaign manager and then he runs his Avatars for different races. Currently he has at least 10 people who hold office or are running for office. These candidates have big PAC money that has some Democrat donors or untraceable connections.

Our governor is being given really bad advice about Lee County and has chose all the wrong people to endorse and it is going to reflect poorly on him if they win and prove to be RINOs or lose to the above named real constitutional candidates. The same goes for his selection of Simpson over Shaw for Ag Commissioner, though I have a sneaking suspicion that he was manipulated into giving that endorsement in exchange for the redistricting approval.

We have two candidates that are looking at serious ethics complaints (Karnes who was appointed Clerk of the Court about a year ago and recent appointee Greenwell for County Commissioner.) Though no specific endorsement has been given, these two are implying that the appointment is tantamount to an endorsement. Check out the latest scuttlebutt about Greenwell on Wink news. BTW they are two of the candidates who are Avatars of the above referenced campaign manager.

Judges always try to skirt answering questions because of "Judicial Canons" prohibiting them from commenting on any case that might come before them. They hate me because I ask the following 4 questions that they can't avoid on that basis:

1. Name the 5 rights listed in the First Amendment (It is frightening how few can answer this)

2. Your oath requires you to uphold the Constitution. What role does stare decisis play? (If they say the are bound by SCOTUS precedence I ask them how they reconcile cases like Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education and more recently Roe v. Wade and Dodd and ask if relying precedence doesn't undermine due process. God help them if they call them SCOTUS "rulings," as I then remind them that we don't have rulers. We only have representative and SCOTUS only render opinions.}

3. I also ask them what their thoughts are on term limits for SCOTUS since they have life appointments. If they try to answer and don't realize it is a trick question (they don't have life appointments they are appointed as long as they are on good behavior which means not legislating from the bench) then I slam them on that.

4. The final question I ask is if the Constitution in a living document. If they don't get that it is a compact and an enduring document that can only be changed after following the amendment process set out in Article 5 then they are off my list.

Unfortunately, it is very very rare any of them can successfully answer all four questions and I am left picking the best of the bad lot for judges. I also look at any opinions they have written or in which they have taken part, including any dissenting opinions.

For all candidates I search their endorsements, PAC contributors, campaign managers, and individual contributors.

I truly appreciate what you all do as this work is tedious and time consuming. It is nice to know that my picks match most of yours. There are a few you have chosen that are on my "better than the other people so I'll end up voting for them" list but not strong enough for me to campaign for or financially back.

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What a wonderful job helping get "real" patriot, conservative candidate names out to "we the people". Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into this vital information.

Disappointed Charlotte County was not listed.

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Great selections & thanks for doing this!!

Can you please add Alyssa Shorstein to this list for St. Johns County Judge Group 2?

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Thank you for this great list.

Escambia County schoolboard members who have been voting against woke,, crt, and mandataes are:

Kevin Adams, District 1; http://www.votekevinadams.com/

Paul Fetsko, District 2., https://vote4fetsko.com/paul-fetsko-priorities/

John Mills, State senator, District 1 https://defendourunion.org/candidates/john-mills-fl-state-senator-district-1

Jordan Karr, District 2: State House https://jordanlkarr.com/

Santa Rosa County has Pete Peters for Schoolboard, District 5. https://defendourunion.org/candidates/pete-peters-fl-santa-rosa-county-school-board-district-5

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I am shocked that I was not named for District 23 because I am for Constitutional Carry Second Amendment Rights. Tod Cloud wants gun registration. Tod Cloud refused to answer the NRA questionaire. I am A rated and signed the Open Government Pledge of the First Amendment foundation. Please do your research. Paul John Reinhardt MD for State House District 23

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Thank you for the endorsement. I am looking forward to being part of fixing our dysfunctional government

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I want to thank you for the support. I will prove you correct

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Your listing for Saint Johns County is missing the ultra-conservative Rita Baldwin for School Board, District 3.

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Martin Hyde???? The rude obnoxious man who threatened a cop with her career because she pulled him over and wanted to see his registration??? OMG!!! https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/news/politics/2022/02/23/what-to-know-about-sarasota-congressional-candidate-martin-hyde/6914039001/ I don't care if he apologized. This is him at the core of his being. No, No, NO!!!

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Please check out https://ivoterguide.com/all-in-state/Florida/?ElecK=922 to see if you agree with the ratings of the candidates for your district. Much appreciation if you could do that. This will help me with a website-- https://defendourunion.org/candidates.

Florida News Report's list is very helpful there. :) Keep up great work. (You have to do a search for florida to narrow down candidates)

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You didn’t add Madison Co.

School board:

District 1- Katie Knight

District 5- Devin Thompson

Congress: Neal Dunn

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Aug 7, 2022Β·edited Aug 8, 2022

Also, I am casting my vote for Lombardo versus Gaetz using info from https://rumble.com/v1f07uh-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-districts-1-2-and-3-august-23-2022.html. He is my district and we are seeing him more now than ever. Also look at https://defendourunion.org/candidates/mark-lombardo-fl-us-house-district-1

Great site to look at for Rubio: https://rumble.com/v1ewh79-florida-republican-primary-for-us-senate-august-23-2022.html Hopefully someone will rise up to primary him that I can believe in. It was Luis Miguel until he switched to state rep. But have to vote for Rubio over Democrat. Simply to have the R. https://defendourunion.org/candidates/marco-rubio-us-senate-rino-but-better-than-democrat

RINO Hunter 1776 walks through US House District Reps for 4, 5, 6 https://rumble.com/v1f4amn-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-4-5-and-6-august-23-2022.html . Explains why Eric Aguilar is RINO and bad choice for District 4. Better is Jon Chuba,, https://www.votechuba.com/issues. Love Mara but Luna Lopez is a passionate RINO eating patriot--looks like she would be better for district 5, Florida, and our state. https://www.lunalopezforcongress.com/ . Charles Davis for District 6 is a winner!

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In Sarasota you left off Bridget Ziegler of the ZEM Team for School Board (Ziegler,Enos,Marinelli)

and in Manatee County, you Should add Martin Hyde for US Congress Dist 16.

Also, Why not endorse District 18 Congressman Byron Donald's. He is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and while he is an incubent and it looks like you did not list incumbents in your endorseents, He and Greg Steube should be included as great constitutional conservatives.

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