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It is time to call them to task and non-establishment Republicans need to wake up. We have legislature folks like Vern Buchanan who don't embrace Republican values but he has people fooled. He is establishment and how it benefits him. He won't take calls from the people he represents unless you are a big donor. This trickles down into our RECs. For instance, we have establishment republicans who have served on the county commission & School boards for many terms but are pure democrats and embrace their agenda. They can't get elected on that side but saddle up to the republicans and when called out attack their opponents with lies. When called out on the lies there are other Republicans who are specifically is the chair of the Manatee Rec that sticks up for the lies. Republicans have to clean house at the lowest levels first and work our way up. There is an urgency to get it done. We don't have a whole lot of time with the current administration doing much damage to our country. From our schools to local elections to national policies.

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All true but when it's hard to find out who's running in the primaries, let alone what they believe in or if that translates into actions, how can you be an informed voter? I had to dig to find the new districts I'm in!

I'm working on the problem by creating a new website for Putnam REC. Here's the current link: https://putnam-republicans-9c54f3.ingress-erytho.ewp.live/ but hopefully soon it will be just putnamrepublicans.org

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I wrote to both Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott about the 2 gun legislation bills HR 7910 (a compilation of 8 gun bills, that restricts guns and age of an honest gun owner can buy and regulates gun storage chances n people's homes) and HR2377 (Red Flag (gives Homeland Security the right to confiscate guns from anyone considered a threat). I received back carefully crafted email responses, particularly from Rubio, listing school shootings and how he will continue to protect citizens. Rubio, along with fellow RINO, Lindsey Graham, wrote the Red Flag Gun Confiscation legislation. Both bills passed the House and Senate. Rubio is up for reelection this year and needs to be voted out in the primary as n Aug. as the Republican on the ballot in Nov. He and opponent for Democrat, Val Demings, have both received $30 million in campaign contributions, according to Opensecrets.org. Other Republicans are: Kevin DePuy $5k, Calvin Driggers $6k, Luis Miguel $7k, Ervan Katari Miller, Josue Larose, Jake Loubriel, and Angela Marie Windhouse.

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About the Florida News Report Staff:

Absolutely nothing shows up in the “about“ tab on sub stack.

So I challenge the “nameless faceless“ people to discount my version of “about“

My version of “about The Florida news report staff “:

Nameless faceless people that want to weaken the GOP

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How do we obtain voting and donation records for County Commissioners?

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Check the state Division of Elections site and look for the PAC, if they have one. Check on the county Supervisor of Elections site and go to "campaigns" and all of the donors will be listed.

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